Brighten Your Future With a Career as a Mercer Benefits Counselor

“At Mercer we pride ourselves in making a difference in people’s lives. Our Contact Center Benefits Counselors help customers make important health and benefits decisions during the moments that matter. If you are passionate about helping others and looking for a rewarding career, come join our team!”
Lena Signani - 
US Contact Center  Leader

"Working at Mercer provides the perfect working conditions for me as it allows me to be very relaxed, unstressed, and has enhanced my overall career focus. With the increased flexibility my role provides it allows me more easily manage second job and household. Also, there is definitely a high level of satisfaction being able to put back in the world what it gave to me. I’ve always been a helper and it’s a blessing to be able to be put on a platform that helps benefit others.
Tonney Carey - 
Benefits Counselor

"Opportunity at Mercer is plentiful as you are able to invest a time in learning the business and your own development. After 5 years working in the contact center I began as a benefits counselor in, I was leading as an operations manager. Now I lead the Knowledge Management Team where I utilize the experience and perspective I obtained from my time within the Contact Centers to support and optimize our knowledge base for the best customer experience possible."
Francisco Sanchez - 
Senior Team Leader, Knowledge Management

"The culture at Marsh McLennan is encouraging and forward-looking and my time at Marsh McLennan has been great for myself as an individual and a professional. I have been able to constantly give back and coach others and being able to take what I’ve learned and assist others in similar positions is one of the greatest aspects of my job. They want us to be successful and it shows as they are always looking for ways to help you achieve that next milestone."
Xzandrea Spa - 
​​​​​​​Team Lead

"With Mercer so driven by new technology, you really come to learn how to adapt and familiarize yourself with what is out there and these experiences go far beyond just knowing how a new program works; they can be applied to any new problem you are working to solve. Playing an active role in my own development as well the colleagues I work alongside of is the most rewarding part of my experience here."
Cole Klever -
Senior Customer Service Coordinator

“Working for Mercer has been a very positive experience. The culture at Mercer is excellent with supportive colleagues and supervisors and there is also a good work/life balance. Additionally, assisting retirees with navigating their benefits is a rewarding experience. After working as a Benefits Counselor at Mercer, I recently have had the opportunity to grow in my career with Mercer into a new role as a Senior Benefits Counselor." 
Victoria Mitchell - Senior Benefits Counselor

"I love my role here as Senior Benefits Counselor. We are always encouraged to pursue our career goals and Mercer has given us ample opportunities to grow and learn about other opportunities within the organization.  I have personally seen many of my peers being recognized for their hard work and dedication by being promoted to leadership positions which shows me that there is always a path forward." 
Charity McPherson -
Senior Benefits Counselor

"I love the fact that Mercer’s culture is all-inclusive. It doesn’t matter where you or who you are; this is a place where you are noticed, you are welcomed, and you are celebrated. I feel like I am part of a family where I matter. For a company to accept you for who you are and actually show it is a wonderful thing!"
Teresa Thomas - 
Retiree Team Lead

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