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"Our objective is to create a technology organization that sets the standard for excellence across Marsh McLennan and the industry at large. We are committed to make the new organization an exciting and fun place for people to grow their careers. While defining a unified strategy and designing the new organization are challenges of their own, the long-term measure of success will be the creation of common working rituals and routines."

Empowering Women Through Technology

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At Marsh McLennan, inclusion and diversity are fundamental business values. We believe in and champion gender equality at every turn.

We know that it takes all of us, working side by side, to forge a gender equal world; together, we are committed to leading the change we want to see.

Our Impact


We're a brains business, so the company is only as strong as our people—but the numbers indicate the insurance/risk industry as a whole has a people problem: only 11% of women have C-suite positions. Overall, only 26% of the computing workforce is female. But Marsh is finding a smarter way to solve it: it's called #ReWRITE.

#ReWRITE (an acronym that stands for stands for Women, Risk, Insurance, Technology, Empowerment) is an all-female hackathon developed and hosted by Marsh. It took place in New York City and Phoenix this past April with the support of Girls In Tech, a global nonprofit that works to put an end to gender inequality in high-tech industries and startups.

This event—the first of its kind—attracted 60 women, as well as glowing press from the likes of Risk & Insurance magazine.

​​​​​​​The attendees, who all hailed from various cultural backgrounds, were challenged by Marsh Digital Labs to develop an innovative solution to a problem.

Lean In Circles

Late in 2018, the cross-enterprise resource group Women in Technology (WIT), launched the Lean In Circles. Lean In Circles are small group sessions that provide female technologists and their allies the chance to network, support each other, and learn new skills.

As of September 2019, WIT has held more than 20 Circles, in nine locations, and connected more than 200 technology colleagues worldwide.

“When we decided to launch Lean In Circles within WIT, we were hoping to give our technology colleagues a place to connect and learn from one another,” said Lean In Circles Global Ambassador Amy Huang. “Thanks to the leadership of our outstanding Lean In Circle Ambassadors and Moderators, our Circles have become part of our culture, and a place where participants can share their unique experiences, seek advice, and champion one another.
Missing Maps

Our partnership with Missing Maps enables colleagues to virtually map locations and deliver the information first responders need to effectively support communities in crisis.

Our colleagues have added 211,000 buildings to the map and 1,500km of road in 11 countries including India, Myanmar, Peru and Uganda, in doing so we’ve mapped the neighborhoods of 500,000 people.

​​​​​​​The global pandemic has exacerbated ongoing crises, making it more important than ever to distribute aid.

Enabling Our Businesses

Creating MMC Tech has allowed us to bring together and scale our vast technical expertise while helping to unleash our potential as one company. We're promoting stronger strategic partnerships with the business and helping MMC perform more effectively to meet today’s emerging challenges and succeed in the marketplace.

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Our Culture Statement

Our objective is to create a technology organization that sets the standard for excellence across Marsh McLennan and the industry at large
Our success is our clients' success.

We promote technical and operational  excellence to deliver high-quality solutions and robust processes -  boosting efficacy and rooting out  bureaucracy and  activities that don't  add value.


We're nimble and  quickly adapt to   
changing circumstances, 
priorities and information.

We're fierce guardians of enterprise risk and the firm's information    systems.

Stronger Together
We deliver for our clients as one united team across all  businesses and

What Our People Are Saying

Advancing From Business Analyst to IT Director

"At Marsh McLennan, we work on some of the most complex problems in the world. You can insure almost anything you can think of against practically anything happening to it, so the work and the thinking that goes with capturing all of the information is extremely intricate." 
Pamela Eachus
IT Director

Career Transition From Fourth Grade Teacher to Senior IT Manager

"I’ve always been lucky to work at companies that were leaders and at the forefront of their industries and Marsh McLennan is certainly that. I know it’s a cliche, but the people are definitely my favorite aspect since joining. I have worked with many across the different businesses at Marsh McLennan and all have been wonderfully kind and helpful."
Aksana Waldman
Leader - IT Project Management

Why Building a Diverse Workforce is a Top Priority at Marsh McLennan

"I personally believe that gender diversity is important because it’s the right thing to do. Diversity in the workplace is a competitive advantage for the economy, contributes to improved innovation and creates a more productive and healthy society overall."
Joseph Archila
Global Programs Leader
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